Tough Mudder London South

10k15k5kLidl Mudder

Holmbush Estate
Crawley Road
West Sussex, RH12 4SE


Tough Mudder (UK)
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Tough Mudder 5K is a team-oriented obstacle course race that is packed with 13 of the event's famous obstacles over a distance of 5K. This fast-paced challenge is sure to test you and your friends as you navigate obstacles like Kiss Of Mud, Everest, Mudderhorn, and Electroshock Therapy. This race is a great way to take your ordinary 5K jog to the next level and have fun doing it.


Tough Mudder 10K is an obstacle course race that includes 20 of the event's famous obstacles and is the perfect combination of distance and challenge. This race is guaranteed to take your ordinary 10K run to the next level as you navigate obstacles like Arctic Enema, Everest, Mudderhorn, and Electroshock Therapy. Whether you are a seasoned obstacle course racer or new to the sport, Tough Mudder 10K is sure to provide a thrilling and memorable experience.


The ultimate obstacle course race, now with a new name and 30 obstacles over a distance of 9+ miles, offers the same formidable challenge as always. This event is all about teamwork, as you and your teammates work together with other muddy strangers to conquer the course and earn the prestigious orange headband. There is no competition or timing, just the opportunity to challenge yourself and have a great time doing it.


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